A photo of Ogechukwu "Money" Madu closing out the 2020 Blackseed Summit

In his own words:

“Three years ago, I was speaking and asked, ‘Who has a brokerage account?’

Most people did not and said that when they thought about investing in the stock market, they typically got overwhelmed and quit.

That was the moment I realized that most people aspire to have more income, but don’t always have exposure to a clear path to achieve wealth.

So I started teaching about investments. But often, I met people who needed to learn how to take control of their finances before they could even start thinking about investing. That was when I wrote my book, 10 Reasons Why You Are Living Centsless.

Now I continue to speak and teach about the importance of ownership so that more people can have the ability to build the generational wealth they desire.”

Now booking speaking engagements for 2021.

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“Oge Madu helped me create an action plan to create long-term generational wealth. He helped me understand how to get my money to generate more money for me.”

Raven Bradley

“People where I come from don’t know about investing, but Oge broke it down for me in ways I could understand.”

Canice Nnanna

“Working with Oge Madu and the Blackseed Group has helped increase my understanding of how the market works.”

Sujay Chebbi

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